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Permaculture Course at Jiwa Garden Bali with Krisna Waworuntu

On January 20+21, 2024 at Jiwa Community Garden, Bali.

Welcome to the world of permaculture – a sustainable, regenerative approach to living in harmony with nature. At Jiwa Garden in Bali, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey with Krisna Waworuntu and the Jiwa Garden team, dedicated advocates for permaculture. In this comprehensive permaculture course and workshop, we delve into the core principles that can revolutionize not only your garden but also your life.

Permaculture Principles: Connecting Nature's Dots

Understanding permaculture principles is the key to creating a thriving ecosystem. Krisna Waworuntu and the Jiwa Garden team guide you through these principles, demonstrating how they apply not only to your garden but also to every aspect of your life. Learn how to observe, interact, and adapt, creating a sustainable, interconnected environment.

Soil Composition and Regeneration: The Heart of Permaculture

Unearth the secrets of soil composition and regeneration in our hands-on sessions. Discover the vital role healthy soil plays in sustainable gardening and how to enrich it using permaculture techniques. Krisna and the Jiwa Garden team share their expertise on nurturing the soil, ensuring your garden flourishes naturally.

Landscape & Water Management: Nurturing Nature's Flow

Explore the art of landscape and water management to harness the natural flow of your garden. Krisna Waworuntu and the Jiwa Garden team introduce techniques to conserve water, prevent erosion, and create landscapes that thrive in Bali's unique environment. Gain insights into creating a water-wise, sustainable oasis.

Garden Design: Where Beauty Meets Functionality

Learn the art of garden design that seamlessly blends beauty with functionality. Krisna and the Jiwa Garden team share tips on creating aesthetically pleasing and productive spaces that reflect permaculture principles. From edible landscapes to companion planting, discover the secrets of a well-designed permaculture garden.

How to Start Your Own Garden: A Beginner's Guide

Are you eager to start your own garden but unsure where to begin? Krisna and the Jiwa Garden team walk you through the essential steps, offering practical advice on choosing the right location, preparing the soil, and selecting the best plants for your space. Gain the confidence to kickstart your gardening journey.

Hands-on Composting and Gardening: Bringing Theory to Life

Theory comes to life in our hands-on composting and gardening sessions. Krisna and the Jiwa Garden team provide step-by-step guidance on composting techniques and practical gardening skills. Get your hands dirty and experience the joy of creating a living, breathing ecosystem right in your backyard.

Farm Animals in Permaculture: Harmonizing with Nature

Discover the role of farm animals in permaculture and how they contribute to a harmonious, integrated system. Krisna and the Jiwa Garden team share insights on incorporating animals into your permaculture design, promoting biodiversity, and creating a sustainable balance between flora and fauna.


Join Krisna Waworuntu and the Jiwa Garden team at Jiwa Garden's permaculture course and workshop in Bali. Unleash the power of permaculture principles, cultivate a thriving garden, and embark on a journey toward sustainable living. Embrace the wisdom of regenerative agriculture and witness the transformation of your surroundings and your life. Let's cultivate a greener, more harmonious world together.

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