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It’s our passion to bring together teachers, experts, motivated and inspiring individuals and we’re excited to share a range of services with our communities.


Book our Bamboo Shala

Book our Bamboo Event Space for your workshops, gatherings or events.

Per Hour IDR 200k

Half Day IDR 650k

Full Day IDR 1mio.

Book our Bamboo Shala

Permaculture Courses & Workshops

Jiwa Garden hosts a number of workshops and courses for kids and adults around topics such as permaculture, gardening, composting, bees, coffee, growing your own food and lots more! 

Do you have a request or would like to host your own workshop? Get in touch with us today

Courses & Workshops
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Design, Consulting & Implementation

With 10+ years experience in permaculture and regenerative agriculture, the Jiwa Garden team takes on a wide range of garden projects. We’d love to sit down and hear what we can do for you. 

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Design, Consulting & Implementation

Productive Gardens

Looking to set up a productive permaculture garden or some beautiful herb spirals for your own cooking at home? In need of more fruit trees or a few well thought-through raised vegetable beds? An existing productive garden looks like it could use some revamping or nutritious mulching? We’re here to help.


Most gardens and households produce regular organic material that can be turned into fertile compost and funnel back essential nutrients to your soil. Tree cuttings, grass trimmings, fallen leaves and food scraps make great ingredients for a composting system for your home. Simply functional or in aesthetic design, our team can help you out to take care of the organics right at the source.

Designer Gardens

Sometimes it’s simply the sights and right arrangements of plants that make us happy. 

For others, a vegetable garden ends up requiring too much time and effort to be maintained, and we do understand. Contact us if you’re looking for solutions that ask for little maintenance and look stunning at the same time. Water features, natural rock formations, cacti gardens, you name it and Jiwa Garden will make it happen.

Vermicompost Toilets

Wait, everything that we flush down your toilets can actually be turned into valuable assets for your gardens? You don’t need to use chemicals to take care of human waste? You heard right. With our vermicompost toilet systems, there’s no need for chemical treatment and you’ll end up with fertile compost and an army of worms that add value to any landscape. 

Garden Maintenance

Productive gardens feeding us with vegetables, fruit and herbs do require maintenance and at times can be an overwhelming task without the necessary manpower, tools or knowledge. 

Our team of trained permaculture gardeners can support you from ordinary garden maintenance to productive permaculture garden management.

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Garden Maintenance

Compost Heroes

Compost Heroes provides organic waste pick up services to larger outlets such a restaurants, cafe's, beach clubs or hotels. Please get in touch with us with your request.

For private households, we have partnered with URBAN COMPOST, who are here to take care of your food and kitchen scraps. They’ll simply provide you with a bucket that you can fill with your waste, which is then picked up once a week, exchanging it with a new, clean bucket. Super simple, super cheap, and it prevents your organic waste from going to landfill. We prefer it to turned into fertile compost at Urban Compost's facilities.

Compost Heroes

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