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Jiwa Cafe

Come join us at our farm-to-plate concept Cafe right in the heart of our permaculture garden. 

We try to use as much produce straight from the garden. May it be vegetables for lunch, herbs for tea, fruit for our smoothies and juices, mung beans for porridge or organic eggs for our breakfast plate. 

Be sure to bring your kids and dogs to enjoy a day out in Canggu's green oasis, close by but not affected by the hustle and bustle of Canggu.

Kids Playground in the Garden

Jiwa Cafe's outdoor kids playground helps your kids live out that extra energy while you can enjoy your coffee or juice our in the green.

Shaded areas with sandpit, climbing feature, hammocks and lots of space to run around make for a great day with friends. 

Go for a walk through the permaculture garden, check out the chickens or fish in the pond. There are always new herbs, fruits and animals to discover.


Dog Park

Want to get some work done? Need free WiFi and a cute spot at the bar while watching your loved ones play in the dirt? 

With enough space to run around, do pirouette's, rest in the shade and don't loose sight of everything else going on, our dog park is just right. 

You can also have your dog by your side if it behaves.. just please leave our chickens alive. 

Farm to Table
Community Cafe

Open on Tuesdays till Sundays from 8AM until 3PM
(Last order is at 2PM).

Eggs are from our garden. Mixed vegetables are from our garden, basil for garnish and pesto are from the garden, herbs for tea are from the garden. Soursop for smoothies come from it too, and you'll find regular specials depending on the season!

With lots of shade from trees around and a fresh breeze coming through the garden, you forget the hustling and bustling Canggu is just 1 minute around the corner. 

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