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Find out what Jiwa Garden is all about,
how we came to be and where we are headed.

Jiwa Garden Origin

Three random guys starting a community garden in Canggu, Bali? Doesn't happen every other day! 

Read more about our story....


Our Permaculture Mission

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Our Mission

What we believe

  1. We believe in the power of connecting like-minded people

  2. We believe in the future of non-chemical agriculture

  3. We believe in regenerating, not depleting soil 

  4. We believe in empowering growing communities through cooperation and collaboration

  5. We believe in financially sustainable, impact-driven projects

  6. We believe in the power of connecting to where our food comes from

  7. We believe in inclusion of all layers of society

  8. We believe in circular consumption and production concepts

Our Values
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The Garden 

Our Team


Krishna - Born and raised in Bali, Krishna owns and manages Serenity Eco Guesthouse in Canggu, Bali together with his family. Since 2007, they have focused on local affordable solutions when tackling Bali’s biggest problem: pollution and unsustainable tourism. 


Driven by his passion for waste management Krishna founded “Compost Heroes”, the organic waste pick-up service that collects organic waste from local markets, private households and restaurants & cafes in Bali, which is then turned into fertile compost at Jiwa Community Garden. 


He’s a proud Bumi Langit PDC finisher, chilli lover, an excellent MC, and never misses a chance to put a smile on other people’s faces. He’s the land caretaker at Jiwa Garden, makes sure the right local connections are in place and manages finances, operations and team members.

Lenny - Lenny moved to Bali in 2017 to work with East Bali Cashews, an award-winning impact-driven business located in East Bali. He then moved on to manage Bali Direct, Bali’s grocery delivery service that works with sustainable and artisanal local producers. 


His love for food and the nature that provides it, lead Lenny to start building gardens and growing food in 2020. Passionate about building community and spending time outdoors with hands in the soil, connecting with Djuca and Krishna was serendipity at its finest. 


Lenny takes care of partnerships and communications at Jiwa Garden. He also makes sure that there is money in the bank, that life is fun and that everyone is wearing Jiwa Garden shirts at all times. Oh, and he loves cucumbers.


Djuca - Born and raised in Bali, Djuca has been a driving force behind the regenerative agriculture movement on the island over the past decade. 


He has consulted, designed and implemented numerous projects including waste management for festivals in Sulawesi, permaculture gardens in Central Java and turning unused, mountainous land into regenerative gardens with young Balinese farmers. 


He’s kind of a walking encyclopedia and loves sharing his wisdom with others. He also founded and ran a hostel for a few years at the age of 18, plays guitar and sings. So overall, a pretty boring guy.


Djuca is Jiwa’s garden expert and has been working tirelessly to make the garden look like the way it does today.

Pak Mara - our beloved handyman and first-ever team member at Jiwa Community Garden!


Equipped with extremely talented hands and great humor, he's been an integral part to everything that's been constructed at Jiwa over the past 6 months. Pak Mare heads the family compound that has been part of the Jiwa land for over 10 years now.


He started off supporting Compost Heroes's efforts to pick up organic waste from Canggu's local market but has shown amazing skill in all kinds of crafts.


Looking to build your own teak-wood water tower or compost bays with beautiful red brick at home? He's your man.

Pak Mare.jpg

Bli Sandi - what a machine. 


Quiet and shy at first, Sandi turned into the first full-time team member and is now Head of Garden at Jiwa Community Garden. 


Not just that. He’s literally running the show on-site. With an incredibly sharp mind and an eye for detail, he’s developed into a full-stack garden pro and humble leader at the same time. 


Bli Sandi’s memory sometimes saves all of us from big trouble, and with his good looks and charm we can’t wait to see what’s in store for him and his journey with Jiwa.


Constant winner of “hardest-working guy around”-award.

Bu Gede - humble woman with endless energy and love to give.


Bu Gede is the actual head of the family on-site, always one step ahead and ready to make anyone feel at home at Jiwa. She’s adopted the three founders of Jiwa as her own kids and doesn’t miss a chance to brighten up their days. 


Funny, clever, hard-working and fantastic at not letting anyone step on her toes. With these cards up her sleeve, Bu Gede has claimed her throne as the winner of hearts at Jiwa.


Oh - and the delicious Nasi Campur you can devour at our workshops and events? Guess who cooked it.

Bu Gede.jpg

Prema - Prema is a freelance filmmaker and has been crafting campaign videos for several NGO’s in Bali since 2017. 


Being exposed to different sociocultural and environmental issues through his work, he felt encouraged to establish the creative space named Niskala Studios close to Ubud. Here, local youth are supported to develop and share ideas and manifest them in film and video.


During the global pandemic, Prema saw himself drawn towards investigating his island and especially its soil health a little closer. Through his involvement as a photographer and videographer for Sandan Natural Farm, AstungkaraWay and Jiwa Garden, he’s learning more about our food and where it comes from. 


His talent in photography and videography has helped Jiwa Garden to get where it stands today!

Our Team
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